Summer evening. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes fur the shutters of his beauty salon. He would see his friend Ram Dass today he decides. He would detail him everything, sincerely. His every scrape.
Oh! Is present not Tuesday? He puzzles to himself. Ram Dass could mull over that he has come up to him to get his whiskers smooth-shaven. Would he let him do his job today?
No, no, no. He doesn't deprivation to craft his depilation. No shave- no shave- present. He of necessity hard cash and hopes into Ram Dass. Might Ram Dass acquire him ten thousands for six 7 months to pull off the wedlock of his daughter?

Ram Dass is serene he thinks. Very serene. And he greetings his barber buddy besides. His relative-in-law likewise content him, calls him 'good-master-connoisseur' Why shouldn't she phone call him maestro connoisseur? He trims her velvety pelt tresses with adroitness. He hopes that she may well besides come up onwards to assistance him.

When he visits his home, he sees Ram Dass erect in the verandah. Uncalled stop by. His bosom pulsates in obsession. With bigger difficulty, he makes an insincere thud gently on the movable barrier.
"Ram Prasad Ji" And shouts into the gate.
"Come, come, yaar" Ram Prasad, effortful a breechclout and chappal, greets him from wrong and noses up his specs. Bhagwan Dass folds his safekeeping sycophantly.

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"Come, sit here" He offers him a stinging chair. Sinking into chair, Bhagwan Dass remembers- how humanely Ram Prasad would have helped him at the event of his inevitability. At the instance of his elder daughter's marriage, he had rented him cardinal five thousands near a really minute curiosity. So kind-hearted he is!

"Why not, why not; you're my adolescence chum, yaar. I'm very here to see you" Bhagwan Dass remembers- how they cared for respectively new once they were in DPS (Delhi Public School) in Delhi. Then they both had the aforementioned commercial enterprise position. How naughtily- they both flirted beside the fashionable, rash girls. Ha, ha, ha; now departed are the days.
"Really? Really?"

"Hundred per centum really, yaar" Bhagwan Dass guffaws and claps onto friend's paw. After a fleeting chat, Bhagwan Dass whispers modestly.
"Yaar, I've move to you beside a hope"
"Hope?" Ram Prasad scrutinizes his expressions. Smile on his maw evaporates
"Yes, I call for several cache for the wedlock of my daughter"
"Marriage?" Moneylender Ram Prasad thinks for a spell afterwards denies forthright.
"Sorry yaar, you know- I'm inadequately off these days" And he makes his facial expression. Bhagwan Dass disappoints. He does not judge this like practice from childhood brother. Moreover, object Ram Dass- none in the settlement is able to untaped up to his hopes. He is the solely shark in the settlement who can change rites to each person. Why he refuses to his chum? Bhagwan Dass gravely hurts. Astonishes. Does he privation higher excitement from him also? Fleece him?
"Is your mercantile establishment not bully running, yaar?" Ram Prasad feigns unimportance.
"Not is this reason, sethji?" He casts trailing his eyes, humiliates. Begging investments is genuinely discreditable.
"They individuals apply for dowry" Bhagwan Dass winces. And view stuff with crying. Ram Prasad's relative-in-law comes near two cups of coffee retentive in a tray.
"Namaste" When she buzzes, Bhagwan Dass hopes into her opinion besides.
"Chacha Ji, why are you sad, today?" Bhagwan Dass, answerless- shoots a look into locale sun. When she goes, Ram Prasad utters.
"I think- you're smoldering near me, Master. Aren't you?"

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"No, no sethji- how can I be wroth next to you?" And his opinion unlock drops of liquid briskly. Moneylender moves to emotions, humbles out. Everything is unmistakable. He understands.

"Master, how substantially you need? I try to arrange, yaar" He speaks less professionally more in a well mannered way - "You're my early life chum, yaar"

"Ten thousands- at least" Bhagwan Dass utters all of a sudden.

"Ten thousands...huu...they may well get high interest" Moneylender tries to fleece him.

"High interest, I shall pay, I shall pay" Bhagwan Dass speaks deafeningly as if production a promise. But he senses that his buddy is testing to ryegrass him. How far markedly his early life brother has changed? He is now dead a incompatible guy?
Then oral communication takes a turn, Ram Prasad enquires snobbishly.

"Master, what roughly groom? Is he a righteous guy?"

"Good guy? Yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass says confidently.

"How such he earns?"

"Sethji, to gesticulate him perchance would be a big bargain from a tiny maw. He is rumoured to be a right earn" Confidence mixes up beside persnickety.
"Does he run business?"
"No, he is in policy service, sethji, industrial plant in DEO office"
"You know, he is Diwan Chand's son" He adds.
"Diwan Chand?" Ram Prasad feels a acrimonious bite on his glossa.
"Diwan Chand?" He sees his work of art buoyant earlier his opinion.
"Diwan Chand?" He disgusts, grows bemused.
"Diwan Chand?" Perspiration resorts to his temple.
"Diwan Chand?" He shouts insolently.
"Fie! Fie! Fie! You decide on Diwan Chand's thick son for Madhu daughter? Is Madhu beti going to be married near that idiot?"
"He is not a bit idiot, sethji" Bhagwan Dass says as if defending himself.
"Huh! Not a bit idiot" Ram Prasad tosses his some hands upon windowpanes
and pouts.

"I cognize greater to Diwan Chand, Master. Better to bury this marriage vows other I would not tender you cash for wedding ceremony near that monster" Bhagwan Dass does not counter. Mutely, he stand from seat (as if a swayer aristocrat) and folds his hands.

"Namaste" He reaches at the door. Moneylender amazes. Should he let his client go unfleeced? No, no, no.

"Where're you going, yaar? Hold, hold" A stylish clasp newmarket him.

"I would not let you breakdown the vivacity of Madhu beti" He yells by artificial means. "Yaar, try to realize me. I'm far substantially thoughtful just about Madhu girl. Diwan Chand is a wiliness man I know and his son Shyam too following his distance. Yaar, you're my early stages sidekick. Can I defraud on you?" He diplomatically tries to court him. Then he pauses for a piece. Bhagwan Dass sits on bench once again. He sulks.
Next day, appalled Bhagwan Dass enquires around the boy. Does his infancy pal declare truth?
No, no, no. He listens to several accounts of antagonism betwixt Diwan Chand and Ram Prasad. They some had recognised a beverage daybook geezerhood rear. He hears. When any cow died in cold, they suspect all some other for the loss. When the dairy closed, they some joined in a factory wherever they once more could not see eye to eye beside respectively else.
Later, Ram Prasad was separate from factory on the insinuation of thieving. But he had proved to ensnare Diwan Chand in the sting. Diwan Chand was an sincere man. Nothing had established in opposition him. He had heard all these belongings from open kin group.
Then, Ram Prasad started disposition coins on excitement and then it became his job and began to get on day by day. As against, Diwan Chand realised his employ in manufacturing plant frankly and earned sufficient. With concrete earned money, he got tuition to his son Shyam and adjusted him in DEO business office as a lower-ranking employee.
Indeed, Bhagwan Dass had heard everything roughly speaking Diwan Chand and his son productive.
He was confident by himself that daughter would be thankful beside Shyam. Moreover, they grouping demanded trifling dower.

Again, once Bhagwan Dass meets Ram Prasad in gurudwara, he asks.
"Master, have you of all time met Shyam Lal personally"
"Ji, sethji" He expresses near pleasure.
"Does he not give the impression of being astute to you?" He asks further beside a restrained twirl of humorous beam on jaws.
"No, sethji" Taking prasad from him, Bhagwan Dass says snootily.
"Sethji, he is a gold, unadulterated gold"

Fie, fie, fie.
"Fie on you if you judge so, master? You are without doubt a zany man" Bhagwan Dass, in response, speaks nothing.
At evening, Ram Prasad visits Bhagwan Dass.
"Master, forget him, bury him" He cries in an manifestation of aggravation. Bhagwan Dass- horrified- begins to facial expression.
"Don't be upset, master" Ram Prasad placates him- "Don't be upset"
"I shall meet you other good-looking guy. A resourcefully constituted firm man. And I am definite you would be pleased to have that boy your in-law. Would you poverty to see him?"
"Sure, positive. I'm indebted to you, sethji. Really- you've a boy for my daughter? Really?" Master barber crouches thrown obsequiously.
"Stop, let me make plain you his photograph" Ram Prasad smiling egoistically thrills. He shows him photograph fishing out of his pant small bag.
"See, see, how stylish a boy is?
"Jagmohan?" Master barber at onetime recognizes the boy.
"He is a loafer, sethji" He delivers his finding of fact.
"No, no, no"
"And I cognise he drinks also"
"No, no, no" Ram Prasad pats his pal gently.
"Look, outward show at the relations. He is the just son of city's richest rice trader. Madhu beti would be happy, dear" Ram Prasad adds- "And now, he has specified up vino and idleness. Barber creative person nods but his intuition sinks. Should he get hitched with his daughter to a loafer? No, no, no. Jagmohan is a well-off. Very born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Should Madhu not savour the deluxe of life? Ram Dass says.

"He has given up his bad habits- wine, idling etc."
"Sethji, keep happy don't produce a laughter of me. I'm a mediocre man. How mightiness I provide them dowry?" Bhagwan Dass laments.

"Dowry? Forget it, bury it. They're pleasant individuals. They call for no dowry" Ram Prasad says as if guaranteeing him. Bhagwan Dass does not sate.
"Sethji, give me instance to estimate astir it"
"Ok, ok, ok" And close day, composer master directly refuses to judge his recommendation. Ram Prasad feels a smack onto his oral cavity.
Bastard, bastard, bastard. I shall supply you money! Huh! I shall acquire you money! Huh! My erectile organ gives you gold. Huh! Bewakoof. After days, once samuel barber creative person begs cash on greater interest, Ram Prasad cries.
"You're my friend, chum. Huh! Even foes are amended than you, master" In fury, his high lip shows the tips of dentition. Bhagwan Dass sinks into fearsome stifle. Fifteen report after, once master composer tries to tramp out of the room, Ram Prasad holds his manus.
"Tell, tell, have you holding in me? Trust in me?" Bhagwan Dass nods. Eyes incandesce with drops of bodily function.
"You deliberation I gull you, discover you. I'm your early stages chum, yaar. Might you bear in mind we were in the said hotel legroom in DPS Delhi?" Ram Prasad gushes next to (fake) emotions. He takes his friend's hands into his and glances into his thought.
"I shall elasticity you funding. How substantially you need? I shall scheme it. Twenty? Thirty? Forty thousands?" Ram Prasad's trait seems hypocritical.
"I deprivation my time of life brother to be paradisaical. Always happy" Master barber grins, bend hands, flashes sentiment in adoration.
"But, it is a problem" He moves his lips awkwardly.
"Problem?" Master samuel barber amazes.
"No problem, no fault. I'm to the full near you. They society may well privation the written record of your habitat...otherwise...yaar, they are uncertain to make available us money"
"I pledge you, chockablock guarantee" Ram Prasad presses his some hands. Bhagwan Dass- a manifest man as compared to moneylender- smiles innocently.
"Would they get hindermost my written record after I pay them?"
"Why not? Why not? Sure, yaar" He says examining friend's unhappy frontage.
Next day, Master barber submits him the written account of his seat and gets cardinal thousands on two proportionality unit of time involvement.

Fifteen days formerly the marriage, once artist barber shows his inability to pay the wonder on currency in advance, Ram Prasad- babyhood buddy cocks.

"Oh, no problem, no danger. Can you beverage the cow?"
"Yes, yes, yes" Bhagwan Dass is authority in this premise. He too has a set of two oxen at familial and milks her day-after-day. And he accepts the job of milking the cow in Ram Prasad's domicile jubilantly.

Next morning, his excise starts. He emerges at morning 5 and makes smug sethaniji near his quickness in milking the cow. It smoothens for iv v days. Then, a day of reckoning day comes once cow grows irate and hits maestro composer onto his apposite eye and makes him blindfolded for all time. Ram Prasad stuns to see the membrane to his left eye unsuccessfully wrecked.
A period of time is gone to the matrimony of his daughter. Ram Prasad admits his individual in hospice. Ophthalmic medical science is through with. Madhu grows sad and unhappy. Motherless missy has lone one expectation in life- her parent. She hopes into Ram Prasad and calls him chachaji.
"Chachaji, keep happy retrieve my bauji (father), enchant...please...please..."
"We're exasperating female offspring...trying" Madhu remembers- old age back, once her jhaiji (mother) was admitted in hospital, it was the lone Ram Prasad- chachaji- who had helped his parent near hard cash. Ram Prasad is genuinely a peaceable man, Madhu thinks.
"Is it not finer we should put off the matrimonial for days" On the day of surgery- maestro samuel barber implores his soul.

"No, no, don't worry. We'll place it, yaar" Madhu, who has utter belongings in Ram Prasad assures her parent that he should not strain roughly her at all. Ram Prasad promises him that he would do his top-quality to brand name the wedding ceremony a natural event. Madhu visits doctor's both so repeatedly to visage after her parent. Bhagwan Dass is unqualified to musical her the snapshot of newlywed. He begs Ram Prasad to display her picture of her better half.
"Don't worry, don't worry, I shall concert her everything- his photo, his household photos and dowry etc. You issue rest, yaar" Bhagwan Dass feels snug. He is assured.
The Day of marital status comes and Madhu gets joined. Nurses in rest home put in the picture him-it is a right conjugal. Madhu weeps...weeps... She misses her male parent highly much bauji...bauji...bauji...But Bhagwan Dass is happy, crazy. In happiness, he begins to soar on medical centre bed. His babyhood chum has through a marvelous job. Thank you, friend- impart you extremely some. A health professional tells him that his buddy has tired expensively on the conjugal of his girl.
Two life later, Ram Prasad appears in hospital. Bhagwan Dass hugs him. Hug- hug- hug. Thank friend, impart you greatly overmuch.
"No, no, no. In friendship, no thankfulness at all" Bhagwan Dass smiles delightedly. Ram Prasad tells him that Madhu is paradisiacal.
"Is my girl happy?" A beamy grinning runs onto his facade. Really a well brought-up luck is beamish on him, creative person barber reflects.
"Oh God, you're so kindhearted...kind. I high regard you God" He folds his hands towards blue-black sky. Really God has come to him in the way of his pal. In the be of Ram Prasad.
He had heard from disparate camp that in stuff world, God merely is realised but sign out no footprints. God is invisible, performs miracles. And it is apodeictic. Hundred per centum actual. His medical procedure operation had been gleefully finished. God himself had ready-made all measures. He is enthusiastic that he would see the world once again once his binding unfolds.
Optometrist promises him that he would blossom forth the medical dressing solar day. Bhagwan Dass begs Ram Prasad to channelize Madhu to rest home beside her participant. He requirements to see his female offspring beside spouse. How exquisite she will gawp he thinks. He wants his female offspring should be moral to him at the example of his withdrawal from sanatorium.

Then, health centre phone booth rings. It is for Bhagwan Dass from female offspring. Nurse gives him baby's bed.
"It's for you, sir; it is for you, sir"
"Yes, mumbling...speaking"
"Madhu beti, are you happy? Would you locomote to hospice tomorrow?" Daughter's voice seems him a melodious rumble of a tomfool. He is full with spirit to comprehend to the music of hunch to hunch as if God is in talk near him.
"No, no, no" Daughter denies to move to hospice.
"Why? Why? Are you livid next to me, daughter?" Master composer clasp the baby bed beside more than include.
"I was inept to be award in your marriage, beti"
"No, no, bauji" Bhagwan Dass after stuns sharp-eared the sobs of girl. Is daughter not smiling beside her matrimony near Shyam?
"What happened daughter? Are you not golden with Shyam?" He asks resistance on his cover.
"Shyam? Who Shyam, bauji?"
"Your husband? Your husband?" Bhagwan Dass bud guilty.
"My husband?" She breaks into natural weeping.

"I impoverishment to answer to Shyam. Give him receiver, beta" Madhu, powerless to cartel her breaths throws the beneficiary fallen. There essential be something false in the wedding ceremony. Wrong- wrong- improper. He shrieks- rubs his repair strip irritably- begs nurse to nickname her hindmost. Nurse dials the figure. Bhagwan Dass with a flowing of emotions cries.

"Madhu- Madhu, update me what happened, daughter? Are you not cheerful next to Shyam? Don't fright to say anything to me? I'm your father, daughter"

"Bauji, I am contented. I am truly extraordinarily pleased. Bauji now- Jagmohan is my coincidence. He is my married man. Bauji- you say- my spouse is a guy. Bauji, he smokes and comic my article next to smouldering cigarettes. Bauji, he is a cruel" She once more breaks into activity. Bhagwan Dass is unable to perceive more than.
Cruel- Cruel- Cruel- his brain echoes. He lets the receiving system fall down, flabbergasts. Everything is fine look-alike solid glass. He lees still and unspoken.
"What happens, what happens, sir" Nurses on toll runs towards him.
"Nothing, nothing" He body of water on medical wing cot automatically.

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