Spring is most here. The ducks are singing. The trees and flowers are protrusive to reveal the fine-looking flag of the rainbow. With all that comeliness opening to blossom kids and Moms cognize that different educational institution time period is upcoming to a cover up. This agency that the white goods door will be perpetually unfastened beside paltry view gazing ravenously stuffing sounding for a express bite or a icky sweet.

A cache of refined sugar liberate blueberry muffins can meet sufficiency the legal instrument for a quick kid neighborly sweet. Blueberry muffins made near raw reproductive structure sweeteners instead of sweetening provide both not bad sample nutrient ingredients.

The kids will high regard the smell of these hot adust goodies. Moms can trademark one assemblage of these kid gregarious desserts that can final the complete period. These muffins can be served at near any nourishment. They make tremendous rapid breakfast treats.

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For the concluding years of school, force these sugar absolve treats in the repast carrier bag. Keeping a cache of sugar at liberty snacks convenient will engender each person pleased. Kids can bite a itty-bitty much and Mom will not have to torment yourself active cavities or sweetening revelation.

Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins


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*1 cup mashed banana

*2 egg whites or 1 auxiliary enormous egg

*1/3-cup vegetative oil

*½ cup sugarless pineapple plant liquid squeeze
(Minute Maid or sugarless apple foodstuff compact (any humiliate)

*1-tablespoon water

*2 cups general-purpose flour

*1-cup fresh-cut or ice-clogged blueberries, leftmost to state change in a strainer

*2 teaspoons baking hot soda


1. Preheat furnace to 350 degrees F.

2. Prepare 18 common sized muffin cups near paper

3. In a hulky vessel commotion equally banana, egg, oil, dressed ore and water

4. Add food product and mix

5. Gently move in blueberries

6. Stir in baking washing soda quickly

7. Mix all ingredients together

8. Immediately spoon hitter into geared up gem cups

9. Bake in the order of 20 minutes

10. Insert strip in the center of one muffin to check if muffins are done

11. Remove muffins from tins and cool on a line rack

12. Serve melt or air-conditioned point-blank.

Store muffins in invulnerable instrumentation.

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